Founder and Director of Mint Wellbeing, Amy Gasson, has personally completed a number of challenging sporting events.  These include a 7-day Ultra Marathon in the Brazilian Amazon Jungle, multiple single day Ultra Marathons, the London Marathon, many triathlons and cycling from London to Paris. 

She has first-hand experience of the preparation required before getting to the start line, and what it takes to complete any sporting challenge.

She is currently assisting other athletes in their preparations for immense sporting challenges, including Team Atlantic Endeavour in their mission to row the Atlantic Ocean and Josie Benson in completing the gruelling Grand to Grand Ultra in the Grand Canyon.  

Are you preparing for sporting challenge or event? 

Want help to know how to plan physically and mentally? 

Unsure what equipment you'll need? 

Confused about how to hydrate and fuel effectively?

We can help!