Amy Gasson Physiotherapist BSc, MSc, MMACP


Massage Therapist


Naomi is an Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapist. She originally trained at St Mary’s University, one of London’s top performing sports facilities. Naomi then enriched her learning further at the world famous Jing Institute for Advanced Massage Training in Brighton where she spent a year studying the use of massage and bodywork to treat chronic pain and sports injuries. She currently continues that learning by the study of advanced myofascial release techniques.

In the treatment of her patients Naomi uses a variety of different bodywork techniques, depending on the specific needs of the individual. Together with traditional deep tissue massage this may also include the use of myofascial release, assisted stretching (MET), acupressure, trigger point therapy and soft tissue release. For best results, Naomi does not believe in a no pain, no gain type of treatment. This combination is designed to help relieve tension and pain to get best range of motion for impacted muscles.

Naomi treats a variety of different patients – not just those with sporting injuries but also bodies tired through the rigours of everyday modern life. She has been a volunteer massage therapist at The Mulberry Centre in West Middlesex Hospital, treating people living with cancer. As a regular runner of long distances she has a special interest in runner’s injuries and (having had multiple injuries!) understands all too well the benefit and relief gained from regular treatment.

Naomi is a qualified personal trainer and is able to give specific exercise aftercare advice to strengthen affected muscles and address imbalances. She is also a guest tutor for holistic and sports massage at St Mary’s University – once the student there, now the teacher!

Naomi’s list of qualifications