Mindfulness in a frantic world - An Introduction
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Mindfulness in a frantic world - An Introduction


What is this Mindfulness hype? It's everywhere in the media, schools, banks and even our parliament is exploring the benefits of Mindfulness.

Join us for a relaxed yet interactive 1.5 hour session where we will explore how to bring Mindfulness skills into our fast-paced lives. You will see how easily you can fit the techniques I share with you into your daily life – no matter how busy you are.

Mindfulness is recognised by many organisations, such as the Mental Health Foundation, as being an effective approach to dealing with the stresses of modern day living.


Kish Modasia is a qualified coach, workshop facilitator, and an exponent of Mindfulness in everyday life. She brings these qualities, together with warmth and an appreciation of diversity, to her business practice.

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